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Hire Us (HU) or Make a Class (MAC)

A Choice & Targeting

This offering is a choice, once you booked SCHEDULE & COURSE TOPIC, then you need to decide whether 'Hire Us' or 'Make a Class'

Hire Us as a Professional IT Trainer

Our offering is give you TRAINER SERVICES with our package promotion incl. Training Kits & Remote Labs.

Make a Class and join collaboration

Our offering is give you 'time space' for preparing a Training Operational activity with STANDARD TRAINING SERVICES. As our slogan, "You just Sell the Class, We Cook and Take Care of the Rest"We do prepare all Training Kits including Room, F&B and Certificate of Completion. We have basic price per student which we can share with you independently then you can make and take your own MARGIN.Please don't hesitate to discuss it to us through our channel (email, chat, phone call).

Term & Conditions

The option 'HU' valid thru January 16, 2019 at 05.00 PM with 20% discount. Otherwise customer still have chance until January 18, 2018 to hire us with standard trainer fee.
The option "MAC" valid thru January 16, 2019 at 05.00 PM. -Basic Student Price is fixed. Contact us for more information.-Logo and Training Provider name will be using your own brand. Please prepare all your Company Marketing Collateral and send in high resolutions (hires) to -Once customer booked the schedule and course topic with Purchase Order sent to us, we prepare all the special services just for you.-Minimum student is 4 (four) persons.-Training Kits are Student Handout, Lab Guide (if any) and Remote Labs (if any)-Student Handout and Lab Guide (if any) is in eBook format-Remote Labs can be access 24 hours in training periods. Start at 8AM in the first day and stop at 6PM at the end of the training.
This HUMAC promo and AISinPrivate offering can be repeat at every time. So, don't be worry, we will always supporting you.