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AISinPrivate in “Bridging the ICT gap through knowledge and certification” offers training opportunities for clients to gain knowledge and certification in the field of ICT Management, Governance and Infrastructures.

AISinPrivate was formed in Indonesia in 2018 and has practically carried out its activities on April 1, 2018 to serve ICT Development Training, Management and Information Technology. Domiciled in West Jakarta and until now still carry out technical and non-technical training. The business scale of AISinPrivate consists of three activities, namely Management Consultant, Human Capital Program and Knowledge Management.

A Name

'AIS' stands for Arnastya Iswara Sanantagraha and 'in Private' means service from AIS as a professional. AISinPrivate is not a company, AISinPrivate is a Professional Services.

Currently AISinPrivate provides IT Trainer Services, Non-IT Trainer Services, IT consulting related to operations and services of a Training Center and assists organizations in managing and communicating IT services.

AISinPrivate wants to help and provide support Training Center Organization in Indonesia to get Professional and Experienced Trainer in the field of Education, especially IT Infrastructure, IT Governance and IT Service Management

Arnastya I. Sanantagraha, S.Sos., MMSI

ICT Management & Training Consultant


Arnastya has already more than 17 years experiences in consultancy corporate strategy & result, ICT management, IT training, education services, business management, customer service, and infrastructure support. He has a good mix of experience in communication skills, IT networking, system technologies, data center facilities and cloud service technologies.

He does manage best practice, develop customized training material, and deliver many training classes during his years to the local and international clients.

Focus in Training, he has a diverse set of expertise in Train the IT Trainer

Focus in IT industry, he has a diverse set of expertise covering: Routing & Switching technology, Wireless Technology, Cloud Technology, Voice Technology, Security Technology, Systems Technology and Data Center Technology.

He holds Cisco Certified System Instructor (CCSI) #32068

Able to deliver learning management and training in English and Bahasa

A Picture and A Quote

Living in a big city like Jakarta which is full of bustle and congestion on various roads, makes people think many times to find the best solution in their activities and work.

A Picture

Some workers in the city of Jakarta choose to use their personal vehicles either cars or motorbikes and accept extraordinary conditions of congestion. Some people who have calculated economic rates on their daily trips, they choose to use public transportation such as buses and trains. The presence of online motorcycle taxis is an option for some people who do not believe in the convenience of public transportation. Just like in various big cities in other countries such as Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Portland, etc. (visit the article), the choice of driving in the city that is possible is cycling. And I was one of the people in Jakarta who choose to use a bicycle for daily transportation. Since 2015, I do bike-to-work (B2W) and has been done almost every day. Many of the benefits I get from this activity are as follow,

1. Time to arrive at a destination is always predictable

This is because bicycle speed is more constant than any motorized vehicle in traffic jams.

2. Shorter travel time

In the worst road conditions or traffic jams, the average speed of cycling always stays between 15-25 km per hour. Compared to using a car only get 5-7 km per hour.

3. Avoid air pollution

This depends on the domicile of each person. But in my experiences, with the right choice of roads and keep riding speed on 15 to 25 km per hours, we can avoid air pollution.

4. Keep the body healthy

5. Economical without fuel

6. Economical without parking fees

7. Free from dependence

When rainy weather and traffic jams, online motorbikes or online taxis choose not to carry passengers because they cannot obtain tariffs that are inline with their efforts to reach the destination with sufficient time. I have a bad experience waiting for hours to get this online motorcycle taxi. With my bicycle there is no dependence on the conditions of public transport or motorcycle taxis online.

8. Bike-to-Work is also participating in the anti-global warming campaign

A Quote

Living in a big city with full of diversity of ideas and more competition in various ways, make us think about the right way to get a ways and solutions to every problem in life. The dynamics of life sometimes make us upset and stressed. But, LIKE RIDING A BICYCLE, we must keep pedaling in order to create BALANCED in life. Therefore, let's KEEP MOVING, don't stop looking for new ideas, always make a new creations, keep working and keep the faith.


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